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The Andrew Kunkes Show

November 15, 2017 This week we had special guests, Christine Renee and Nathan Corbin, talking about activism and radio. Christine Renee hosts a weekly show on the Lot Radio. She is up there with the likes of Iggy Pop, Annie Mac, and the Nightbird, Allison Steele. Nathan Corbin, also known as Zebra Blood, Dj, and Director […]

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The Music That Immortalised 90s Subculture with electronic technologies

The 90s undoubtedly marked the Golden Age of underground music zines cataloguing subcultural movements. Without an avalanche of Tumblr accounts offering endless information on what your favourite band is wearing, Soundcloud recommendations about who to listen to next, or Twitter documenting your most-loved guitar player’s childhood fear, publications such as the pioneering DIY zine Sniffin’ […]

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4 Questions About The Music Industry You Should NOT Be Asking

Chances are, you are already ruining your potential to succeed in the music industry because you believe in one or more music career myths. How do I know? I am sent e-mail messages on a constant basis by tons of musicians (all seeking the answers to the WRONG questions). These are questions that may seem […]

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Living in New York as a musician of the Opera’s Grand Theatre

Multiple studies link music study to academic achievement. But what is it about serious music training that seems to correlate with outsize success in other fields? The connection isn’t a coincidence. I know because I asked. I put the question to top-flight professionals in industries from tech to finance to media, all of whom had […]

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Bring The Balance



Bring the Balance does just just that - it aims to bring balance to your life by addressing matters of the mind, body, and soul. Every show will tackle a topic in the realm of health and wellness as well as discuss how it can lead to a more balanced lifestyle. We will even have special call in segments to psychologists as well some life hacks thrown in! We can't do it alone, though. Join us! Tune in, call in, and give us your thoughts and views! This show is for everybody - health entrant to wellness expert.

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Mr. 50’s



Mr. 50's Bio: Frank Antonucci, aka Mr. 50's, is a Radio Personality, Disc Jockey & MC focusing on Vocal Group Harmony/Doowop music from the late 40's to the early 60's. He's an On-Air Personality at WBMB Baruch College Radio Station in NYC. His Radio show "Rockin At The Sockhop" airs every Friday from 1:00pm - 2:00pm. Frank first ran his show on WBMB in the early 80's before graduating from Baruch. You can tune into his program via wbmbbiz.com or the TuneIn app. He covers the music, artists, concert happenings and you'll hear him interviewing the original artists and those related to the 50's nostalgia era from time to time. If you have any questions relating to the era, you can email Frank at Mr50s@wbmbbiz.com. Click Read More for Concert Happenings:

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