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  1. Yellow Claws releases highly anticipated debut ‘Blood for Mercy’

    Yellow Claw, easily my favorite trap artists out of The Netherlands, has been turnin’ up stages State-side for years. Most of my memories of the trio are actually from summer festivals, so I find it a bit ironic that the duo’s highly anticipated debut album dropped this weekend. The debut album impresses with a combination of

  2. Love, Rachael Yamagata


    Rachael’s first warm laugh broke before I managed to pick up the telephone and speak. I’m frazzled, I breathlessly told her, explaining that I had to set up in haste to catch her call. “You’re rockin’ out, I love it.” I began to chuckle at her chortles at me and in our moment before the

  3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Seldomo


    Who the Fuck is Seldomo?   one might ask. To any newbies and oldies out there who are curious–Seldomo is a DIY Queens-based folk musician. And behind the talent and wisdom of Seldomo is just another college student, Michael Corrado.   To get a better understanding of the domo, you should know a bit about

  4. Bobby Shrumda’s New Single


    Although Bobby Shmurda isn’t free, he isn’t going to let his legal troubles stop his hustle. Right after, Rowdy Rebel dropped off his single, the face of GS9 has released his new street banger “Hold It Down (38).” The song was recorded last November when GS9’s Abillyon came home from a skid bid. Currently, Shmurda

  5. Yellow Claw Drops Highly Anticipated Debut Album, ‘Blood for Mercy”


    Netherlands based Yellow Claw have been turnin’ up festival stages stateside for years. Featuring a unique sound that combines trap with the harder styles of EDM, the trio has created relative hype for their debut album, ‘Blood For Mercy.’ At first glance, it is easy to say that the album exceeds expectations. Multiple tracks on