Weekly Top 10

  1. "Shake it Off" - Taylor Swift
  2. "Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj
  3. "All About That Bass " - Meghan Trainor
  4. "Stay With Me " - Sam Smith
  5. "Rude" - MAGIC!
  6. "Black Widow" - Iggy Azalea Featuring Rita Ora
  7. "Break Free" - Ariana Grande Featuring Zedd
  8. "Chandelier" - Sia
  9. "Bang Bang" - Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
  10. "Am I Wrong " - Nico & Vinz
Recent Posts

“Nothing’s Changed”…But maybe that’s a good thing

I love me some romantic indie music. So naturally, I was all over the news that Passenger’s sixth studio album, Whispers II, was to be released on April 20th. I’ve always loved the sweet tone of his music, Mike Rosenberg’s lilting vocals and the simplicity that accompanies emotional clarity in music, and his most famous

The Cost of Free

If there exists a fine line between artistic innovation and gimmicky throwaway, then perhaps the music world may soon be encroaching upon its territory. As the last several years have proven, we as a society have become disinterested in the physical product. In today’s day and age, we live and thrive in the digital. Our

‘Some Pretty Good Albums by Some Pretty Good New Acts’

Tobias Jesso Jr. - Goon

To a large degree, the music media exists on the hyperbole. Every year, publications like NME and SPIN dress up the freshly minted buzz bands as the second coming of the next big thing. Too often, these groups, be it the Kooks, Strokes, Interpol, Libertines, or even the Wombats, seem to be champions solely between the folds of magazine covers, before they

Featured Artist: Interpol


  Before you consider post-punk a dying genre competing against the overbearing pop-influence of our generation, try  listening to at least one song by the band Interpol. If you are already familiar with this genre, which emerged in the 1970s, and of the artists that propelled the movement, you might hear the striking similarities Interpol

Comedy Central Roast Claims Another Victim


On March 30th, singer Justin Bieber will be getting roasted. A roast is when a a number of comedians come on stage, tell jokes at the guests expense (Justin Bieber), and poke fun at each other. Comedy Central has previously roasted 13 other celebrities making Bieber number 14. Kevin Hart has agreed to be the