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  1. Yellow Claw Drops Highly Anticipated Debut Album, ‘Blood for Mercy”


    Netherlands based Yellow Claw have been turnin’ up festival stages stateside for years. Featuring a unique sound that combines trap with the harder styles of EDM, the trio has created relative hype for their debut album, ‘Blood For Mercy.’ At first glance, it is easy to say that the album exceeds expectations. Multiple tracks on

  2. Top 5 Live Albums

    I don’t know about you, but I judge a band’s true worth by their live discography. Studio material is one thing, but it’s another to make that same material sound amazing on a live stage, maybe even better than the studio. Some bands are clearly studio products that crash and burn every time they try

  3. Frank Ocean, Voice of a Generation

    Frank Ocean

    Frank Ocean as of late is the subject of various memes, or appeals from fans regarding the album he hinted to be released sometime in July that has still not been released. There’s no idea as to when Frank will release his next album, but in the wake of what was an incredibly tragic situation in Paris

  4. Hello.


    “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years, you’d like to meet?” chants Adele, in her first melody after an almost five year hiatus. What a fitting way to greet her fans after returning from her long departure. As Adele debuted her new single entitled, “Hello” the Internet went mad. Taylor Swift

  5. Kid Cudi Releases the ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’ Tracklist

    Kid Cudi’s latest album, Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven is just weeks away from being released. While the details about the project are sparse, Cudi has just shared the official tracklist for the album. This all comes the day after he announced his going on tour. A while ago, Cudi suggested that this project will be a double-album