WBMB Show Application 2019

Written by on January 22, 2018

WBMB Radio Show Application
Please fill out this form so that we can set up a schedule that can help you reach the largest audience available.
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What are the names of your co-hosts (if any)?
Co-Hosts must be Baruch Students
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What type of show is it? *
If your show intends on playing music, what genre(s) of music do you have in mind?
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Mention what the focus of it will be and the kind of audience you want to appeal to
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What time would you like your show to be? *
Shows can be pre-recorded based on certain times
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Shows can be on multiple days if time allows
How many hours do you want to host ? *
Episodes are typically 1 hour. You may plan on having episodes that are 2 or more hours, and/or 2 or more episodes per week if you can commit to it.
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