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Your favorite sad boi's are back for another semester of the NYMIA Radio Show! Each week we keep up to date with the New York Music Industry Association Club and the latest in music headlines, concert/festival announcements, memes, as well as other pop culture. Check us out at our new time on Wednesdays 5:00-6:30pm.

Michael Ruocco
Concert junkie and fancy metronome (drummer,) Michael is a Senior studying Marketing Management with a specific Management of Musical Enterprises (MME) focus. This is his third semester on the NYMIA Radio Show. When he is not listening and or playing music, he is most likely sleeping.

Brielle Tumbarello
Brielle is a Baruch junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Photography. Her music taste varies, and she only listens to the same 10-15 songs on repeat for about two weeks before moving on to the next batch. She also cries a lot.

Chris Nova
Nova. Aka The Magicman lol. Baruch Senior and Most Senior Member of the NYMIA Radio Squad ( I'm old ). Graphic Communications Major and Art Minor. Music Taste Varies But Main Focus is on Varies forms of Rock, Pop and Country. Favorite Artist tend to be different YouTube artist.

Toni-Anne Curran
Toni. Aka meme daddy. NYMIA President and hater of Taylor swift. Music taste varies but I know a lot of stuff about pop music.

Gene Gaffney
Gene Gaffney (aka young metro ... card) is a Junior studying Marketing Management. He is an avid mumble rap/ Soundcloud apologizist. This is his second semester doing the NYMIA Radio Show.

Dylan Chow
Dylan Chow is a junior majoring in Digital Marketing with minors in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies of New York. As VP of the New York Music Industry Association, his passion for music permeates through his hip-hop beats and music blog on Youtube.

Chelsea Booth
Chelsea Booth is a Baruch senior(?) studying Management of Musical Enterprises (MME). Her music taste is erratic and on more than one occasion she has been called the human grumpy cat.

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