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Ariana Hwang

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Ariana Hwang joined WBMB from the very beginning of her freshman year. Signing herself as a member, she knew deep down it would become a big part of her life, following her until today. She can now confidently tell you she’s a digital marketing major with a background in music journalism, promotions, and website building. She also gets a kick out of collaborating with others on creative side projects, playing guitar mediocrely, reading the arts & culture section of various publications, and gorging herself on blissful New york food.

SOUND and Vision. Lullavie is a music talk show that offers unique artistry through interviews and live performances across genres: indie, punk, electronic, folk­—or eclectic, you might say. It’s the kind of show you want to listen to if music is everything to you: your comfort, your mentor, your friend, your love. Lullavie in the past has featured members of the Strokes (Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond Jr.), the Wombats, Wolf Alice, and too many artists to count. So don’t sleep on this one; the music will never quite stop playing.

After listening to her show, you can visit her site,, for more music posts & events she likes to promote.

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