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BIO: “Supreme Carl” Francis Jr (born May 23, 1995 in The Bronx, New York) is an Afro-Latino recording artist who graduated from New York City College of Technology with an Associates degree in accounting and is currently a student at Baruch College. So far, Supreme Carl has released 3 singles, which are available across all platforms, is currently creating a project called “Fall or Fly,” is the Co-CEO of SINA: Somewhere in America. SINA: Somewhere in America is an entertainment group and fashion line established in the Bronx. It represents the drive of the young men in the group doing everything they possibly can to attain their dreams. SINA’s fashion line has done various fashion shows at multiple colleges across the greater NY Area. Supreme Carl has also performed at various colleges and famous venues such as SOB’s or the Paper Box. Not only does SINA have events that display their talents but they also give back to their community. On August 31st, SINA partnered with a local barbershop and gave away free haircuts, school supplies and food to children in the local area.
They also have many philanthropy events planned for the future. Supreme Carl has hopes of being a mogul and hopes to use SINALIFE radio as a platform for success.
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SINALIFE will spread positivity and give artists a platform to voice their opinions and connect with their fans. We will play music, discuss controversial topics, current events, entertainment news, sports and even deliver advice and motivation to those in need. We also want to captivate our audience by allowing them to connect with us via phone calls and social media. In closing, SINALIFE Radio will be the platform for all artists and creatives who are spreading a good message.

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