The Ethan Mead Show


Ethan Mead, Connor Henchley

“Pathetic on Purpose is the brain child of Ethan Mead and his soul partner, Connor Henchley. Listen in as they try to make jokes. Listen in more closely to hear the sound of their tears dripping onto the microphone. If you like things that are “almost entertainment,” go ahead and listen in.”

Ethan Mead looks like a jar of mayonnaise that came to life. He’s not great at sports or talking to girls, but he can be pretty funny once in a while. He is doing this show so his parents don’t ask him why he’s not hanging out with his friends when he comes home. Connor Henchey is the first human being to exhibit a condition known as “verbal Benjamin Button Disease.” He has the voice of a 40s lounge singer, but the body of a 4th grader. He wants to make it very clear that he has a girlfriend who is “really real and not made up.”

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