Grand Sounds Radio Show


Julzz Grandeur, Scarlet Rosa, & Givanna Tineo

Grand Sounds Radio is a music/talk show that focuses on hip hop & pop culture news and current events. Along with that, we will provide a platform for budding musicians, entertainers, and media personalities to introduce themselves to our audience and also assist with reflecting on the current events and/or new music with our hosts. We fuse elements of our culture into the personas and discussions. We are all of Caribbean decent but NY bred.

Grand Sounds radio consists of 3 hosts Julzz Grandeur, Scarlet Rosa, & Givanna Tineo. The collective comes together to create a unique brand of music & talk radio that appeases to a wide audience of entertainment lovers. Julzz originates from Yonkers, NY and has hosted 2 shows prior to this, he is an active musician and offers insight from an artists perspective. Scarlet is from Washington Heights, where she got a little taste of all things art. Though she chose acting as her main route, her respect for music and love for lyricism has driven her to study new artists and the stories they tell. Givanna is from the Dominican Republic, but being raised in New York she discovered her love for music due to the exposure to all of the varieties from so many different cultures.


Show: March 1st 2017


Show: February 22nd 2017

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