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Charges Dropped Against De. Dre and Ice Cube


By: Jhanaya Belle

In 2015, Suge Knight was charged with premeditated murder with resulted the death of Terry Carter. Shortly after the incident, Carter’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Knight. Carter’s family claimed that Knight was responsible for the death of Terry Carter, which happened after a gang altercation on the set of the NWA biotopic movie Straight Outta Compton. Knight has been accused of running Carter over while he was attempting to flee the scene; however, the family also implied that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube were responsible as well, since they had reportedly hired known gang members as security for the shoot. But the court dropped the charges against Dre and Ice Cube .
According to TMZ, both Dre and Ice Cube were recently dismissed from the wrongful death suit after a judge determined neither men could be held liable for Knight’s recklessness, which led to Carter’s death. The two men had filed a motion in August of last year requesting to be removed from the lawsuit, as they claim to have taken the necessary precautions to have Knight escorted from the set. They also claim there was no way they could have known that the hit-and-run would’ve occurred after.

The charges against Suge Knight are still pending.