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Alessia Takes Webster Hall

The first concert that you go to for 2016 should be one that’s filled with excitement and gives you chills leaving an everlasting memory of one of the greatest moments of your life.  This was an experience I was lucky to have when I went to see Alessia Cara perform at Webster Hall last month. As part of her Know-It-All tour, Alessia Cara made her stop to New York City to perform for her many fans that couldn’t wait to hear the talented singer. Following the incredible performances of Craig Stickland and Kevin Garrett, the fans got just that.


She took the stage immediately performing a crowd favorite track I’m Yours from her debut album “Know-It-All that got the excited crowd even more excited. Right after that came one of my own personal favorite song Wild Things that serves as the perfect anthem for embracing all that makes you different. It’s the amazing thing about Alessia’s songs that draws people to want to listen to her more. She then performed Four Pink Walls and sounded amazing despite mentioning she was feeling under the weather but its impossible to tell because she sounded awesome.

The 405 ,Photographed by Ken Grand-Pierre

She then showcased her amazing guitar skill when she performed Overdose and then following that she performed her stellar track Stars that incorporated a super amazing version of the chorus from singer Rihanna’s Diamonds further displaying how amazing she is as an artist. The stage lighting also reflected each performance such as the pink and blue neon lights immersing when she performed Stone and the spotlight catching her while singing the powerful River of Tears.


Ultimately I noticed that what truly made her amazing was the fact that throughout the tour she always interacted with her audience showing them that they truly mean so much to her. It was clear that the feeling was mutual because the moment she performed one of her most inspiring songs, Scars to Your Beautiful, which was an ode to women encouragement, many of her fans pulled out signs saying “You’re beautiful Alessia”. It was clear that the dedication fans had for the beautiful Alessia was infinite and unyielding.


Towards the end Alessia performed the song that pushed her to the stardom and caught the attention of the world, Here. A song that represented the perspective of an outsider at your typical house party became the anthem that the audience sung along with Alessia. While many assumed that was her final song with her seemingly exiting the stage, she suddenly came back and performed her last soul-shaking song off of her album, My Song.



Without a doubt Alessia Cara truly proves to be one of the biggest breakthrough artists currently known. From hearing her amazing cover of The Neighborhood’s Sweater Weather to seeing her performing her hits Here and Wild Things live at Webster Hall, I’m reminded why she’s still my favorite artist because she draws people into a world where you’re free to be who you want to be, all through her amazing voice and creative lyrics. Maybe Alessia will come by Baruch College one day and bring students to that same world. No matter what, Alessia Cara is an artist the world is getting to know and I look forward to seeing her perform again someday!

The 405,photographed by Ken Grand-Pierre
The 405,photographed by Ken Grand-Pierre