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R-E-S-P-E-C-T Seldomo

Who the Fuck is Seldomo?


one might ask. To any newbies and oldies out there who are curious–Seldomo is a DIY Queens-based folk musician. And behind the talent and wisdom of Seldomo is just another college student, Michael Corrado.


To get a better understanding of the domo, you should know a bit about Mike. And soon it will become clear why he’s the illest contemporary folk musician to date.


Aside from playing shows at NYC venues– such as Pete’s Candy Store, Muchmores, and Pine Box Rock Shop to name a few– Mike is an amiable, easy-going college senior who’s array of interests and occupations deem him one-of-a-kind. He’s the head of Baruch College Radio’s production department, skateboards like a beast, and eats chicken like it’s nobody’s business. He’s got a huge bucket of tunes online on his bandcamp and he’s willing to share them all with you.



Who wouldn’t want to grab a piece and dig in?


Who wouldn’t want to know what Seldomo is really like?



   A year ago, Seldomo released his debut Creature Conscious. And what follows is the title of his next creation, the same question we’ve all been asking, Who the Fuck is Seldomo? Only a year spanning from his earliest work, it shows Seldomo’s significant and outright dedicated growth. You can tell the 7-track album has a crisper and sleeker sound due to a maturation of skills and level in production. Despite the additional improvements, you will still find the humble roots that make up the core of Creature Conscious still alive in Seldomo’s second endeavor. This entails the same “If-Adam-Green-considered-folk” vocals, acoustic guitar, and the occasional rare appearance of synths, accordions, mandolins and harmonicas. Seldomo sets out to capture a more eerie, yet still very ambient album.



“Fine,” for instance, cleverly samples the ticking of “hands on the grandfather clock” under what sounds like a UFO landing in the backyard. And “Soldano” is a tongue-in-cheek title inspired by a stranger’s mispronunciation before a show (not surprisingly, soldano is also a popular guitar head amplifier).



Another song, “Patron Song,” is about some of Mike’s more reckless friends. It has its own music video (released just last month) which provides the eccentric and playful sight of two guys long boarding, falling, and diving into piles of leaves. And that’s why listening to Seldomo is a lucky break from the serious nature of reality.



In the words of Seldomo himself:

“…if you’re still confused about who exactly Seldomo is, it’s quite alright.”



Hopefully, this self-effacing statement stands less true for you. But if you’re still unsure, don’t give up just yet. Keep these tunes on long enough until it finally sets in, at which point you nod with such appreciation that you might utter something close to Mike’s favorite word–RESPECT. And before you know it, it’ll be part of the answer you’ll tell your friends when they ask who’s on shuffle: Seldomo, that’s fucking who!