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For The Love of God, Someone PLEASE Save Future

Now I love turnin up to shear niggardry especially when it’s espoused from the auto-tuned jarblings of the king who arguably started this whole wave of turnt, Future, as much as the nexty guy.

But something I never really thought much into until senior bootyscientist pointed it out in this post on tumblr (also contributed to by mommasenpai); quoted below:

if u actually listen to future lyrics tho it’s kind of sad cuz that man need help and he been tryna tell us but metro got his shit boomin and that codeine got his voice slurred so we ignore it

“I pour that Actavis and pop pills so I can fight the demons”

“Bitch ima choose the dirty over you, you know I ain’t scared to lose you”

“I just poured this lean in my cup like it’s liquor/ I just need a whole lot of drugs in my system”

“F-ck on a bitch I don’t need her / Sip on some drank cuz I need it”

“I drank till I pass out, I wake up and drink up again, I pour up again and again”

“Poppin Xanies like they some Tylenol”

“Go and f-ck that n-gga, get it over with. I know your true feelings… they couldn’t be here… they gotta be somewhere else”

Listen to the entire second half of “Throw Away”

“Wash Molly down wit champagne, wash Xanax down wit syrup man, hope it take away all this damn pain”

“I’m easily agitated, get intoxicated tryna fight the demons”

I took 56 bars all in one month n-gga and lm still drinking”

“I been taking these Molly’s still noddin off cause a n-gga too faded”

“Molly keep a n-gga motivated, Percocet keep a nigga motivated, good drank keep a n-gga motivated Lortabs on my conversation…”

“Pour a 4 [4 ounce bottle of codeine] in a cup it was breakfast”

“ Sometimes I wanna get inside the Escalade and crash it. My pain runnin’ deeper than the ocean”

“ I spend a lot of money so I don’t be depressed “

“F-ck the fame I’m sipping lean when I’m driving, All this cash and it ain’t nowhere to hide it, I’m an addict and I can’t even hide it”

“I don’t leave the studio, I like making hits, There’s broken relationships that I can’t fix, I got bad habits I picked up, I can’t kick”

“I see girls everywhere, I see scales everywhere, I see hell everywhere

I think it’s quite clear whether or not this man’s truly over Ciara.

It sucks that great art is usually the product of great pain.

Future, we love you; and we hope you get the help you need and find whatever it is you’re looking for.