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Artist Profile: Luz Pinos—Upcoming Album Celebrates Our Connections


“I just want to celebrate life and human relationships. I want to tell people that I am afraid too, and that we are not different. We are not as alone or as distant as we think we are from each other.”

Luz Pinos Music

        A person cannot leave an encounter with Luz Pinos without first developing the desire to give a great big bear hug to life—no quirks or roadblocks omitted from the embrace. It is only fitting, then, that the track she is most eager to record this coming spring is titled “La Vida,” which she describes as a “celebration of life with its real, hard—and happy—moments.” The fundraising campaign for this recording project is underway and needs community gusto from appreciative listeners with a bent towards jazz and singer-songwriter genres. The album itself is to be named Mariposa Azul, in dedication to Luz’s grandpa, her dearest influence.

            Luz grew up in a rural town of Ecuador called Cochancay, moving to Gauayaquil at age six. In her studies at home she developed a seasoned musical and dance experience, which she then later transported to New York City. She has recently completed her undergraduate degree in vocal performance at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Since venturing from home, she has cultivated the bright and savvy musical connections making up her current band.

              The interplay between Antonio Mazzei (piano), Bam Bam Rodriguez (bass), Keita Ogawa (percussionist), and Luz, is miraculously in synch under a vitalizing South American folkloric idiom. They provide a musical synergy made up of simple and floating nuances, an intentional sound that Luz has been set on achieving for some time. Since the band members have hit a stride, they are initiating a fundraising campaign beginning this week, via luzpinos.com. The band avidly shares performances across multiple venues in New York City, but the current driving goal is to have a tip-top album of all works manifested thus far, fully completed by May 2016.  All are invited and encouraged to support the album. A contribution to the recording is also a contribution to its goal of creating a space for listeners to connect at a fundamentally human level, beyond any differences.

Luz Pinos Music; luzpinos.com

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Mariposa Azul: Featuring Luz Pinos (vocals)

Moso: Featuring Luz Pinos (vocals) and Antonio Mazzei (piano)

Luz Pinos