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WBMB Report Strong Ratings Last Friday

Last Friday, the station started their live broadcasting season with a bang, reporting 187 unique listeners between 12 noon and 9PM in the evening. After much hype and anticipation, station veteran DJ’s in The Noir Show extended their slot to 3 hours, adding various new segments including “The Lady’s Segment,” hosted by Vanessa Santana-Fis and Marketing Director Micah Reyes. The segment proved itself to be a good complement to the award-winning show overall, attracting 39 of its 87 online listeners. The Noir Show expects to build on their success with diversifying their format with the help of their new DJ, WBMB staff member Andres “Last Name Ball.”

Sports discussion was brought to WBMB for the first time since RnB Sports in 2011 with the debut of “The Scrimmage.” An American Top-4 Sports Panel hosted by Aaron Ferrer and Former Ticker Sports Editor Reynaldo Carrasco, they reported a strong premiere with 36 online listeners.

The biggest surprise package of the afternoon was Sinister Girlz. Leslie DJ, known for her portfolio of pretty major interviews was able to attract a personal record of 64 online listeners when she interviewed Tits of Clay. This 200% increase in listenership shows a lot of promise for the growing show as the semester moves forward.

Be sure to tune in more of WBMB’s shows this week!